Decoding Critical Talent Selection & Development Trends

The Omnia Group is proud to release our inaugural report, Recharge Your Talent Strategy in 2022 – Decoding Critical Talent Selection & Development Trends.

The report’s actionable insights are based on responses from 158 business professionals across Sales, HR, Operations, and Administration. In addition, we combined our primary survey observations with research published by industry experts to get a concise representation of the shifting landscape. We plan to bring these insights to you every year, so get ready for the 2023 survey to open in the last quarter of 2022.

Every business strives to hire and develop great people. This report highlights several key talent challenges commonly found in modern workplace dynamics in 2022, so you can be better prepared for whatever obstacle comes your way.

Companies that use assessments primarily use them for hiring. However, over years of experience, we have discovered that using personality assessments beyond the hiring process has many benefits. When organizations integrate these assessments into the company culture and employee lifecycle management, it will steer them towards higher growth trajectories.

Omnia’s assessments, scientifically designed and independently validated for accuracy to boost employee engagement and retention, help every step of the way. Here are a few key aspects our assessments can help your company:Hire the best fit for each job

- Move the right people to the right roles
- Identify employee motivation
- Deliver meaningful feedback
- Coach people up effectively
- Establish realistic growth goals

Download Recharge Your Talent Strategy in 2022 – Decoding Critical Talent Selection & Development Trends for more in-depth insights!